Szittár AntalI was born on may 5, 1960, in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. Since my opinion on this rather momentous event has been ignored by my parents, I used to frighten them, saying I would become a street-sweeper? Alas, both this and a later calling, urging me to become a famous writer had failed miserably. Thus one day in the spur of a moment I decided to change, finding my fortunes in the oil business. This happened in 1978 and low and behold I completed a long, everything-to- know-about oil-related studies in a Technical Institute. Having completed the courses I was employed in this trade and worked in it for the next 16 years, the last 6 of which were spent in Austria.

It is here where I saw and became familiar and more than just interested in the art of air-brush technique, which I practically fell in love with, wishing to become a practitioner of. To me it was one of those things that immediately rang the bell, -a once in the life opportunity presenting itself to my previously rather haphazard, aimless nature. Having travelled all over Austria on my motor bike I searched and found excellent examples of this art form, enough to decide to somehow acquire Its secret. I looked up all sorts of magazines on the subject, studied them but was cooled off when found out the tuition fees demanded by the proper schools, not having much money to spend besides the usual living- expenses. As lack would present itself, I bumped into this hell of a nice maestro of the trade with his own shop, who allowed me to hang around and even watch him, learning the many secrets. He had absolutely no qualm or worry about my person, did not exhibit any professional jealousy, thus helped me tremendously, sharing his immense knowledge and experience with me. Master Martin Gerharti saved me from a whole slew of embarrassing mistakes, situations. By the year ’96 I felt mature and confident and have returned to Hungary, where I immediately got into the thick of it, starting a business.

After the initial successes I though That Boris Valero will beg me to work for him, but to my lack again Ernest De Villa Celeste appeared on the scene and on a friendly base corrected my poor graphical deficiencies. The good old soul, to my absolute horror and with the definite stroke of his pencil had crawled-n--scribbled all over my most beautiful drawings, but finally I recognized his immense talent; Thus started end finishes my story, thanks to my wife who despite my lowly state in the field has encouraged me in all my endeavour and was the only one who believed and encouraged me along the path. Today I live in Zalaegerszeg with three of the cutest chicks, surrounded by a few great wine-cellars. Outside of Hungary you might find my work in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France and in the USA. As it happens I’m pleased to include my clients amongst my best friends.

Willing or even if by chance did you come across my site, please don’t pass me by. Mark your name in my guest book. I speak German well, and can get by in English too, but you may send messages in any languages, and I promise I’ll find ways to have it deciphered. May good luck follow you in your wanderings!

Antal Szittar, (alias Tony, for short.)